How To Play

The easiest way to describe WordBrain is that it’s a combination of word sleuthing, crosswords and chess, all rolled into one. Each pack contains a series of puzzles. Starting off, the initial grid is 2 x 2. Swipe your finger to spell out the word you think is the correct answer. If it is, indeed, correct, the letters will drop down into the open slots for that word.

The more answers you correctly guess, the bigger the grid will become. Once you’ve moved onto the 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 packs, the letters will continue to drop down, if they fit. But if there are spaces remaining in the puzzle, letters could shift.

The chess elements come into play because you have to correctly guess the words in the proper order and must account for the shuffle effect. As the grids get bigger, there are more words for you to find.

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WordBrain Answers

WordBrain is a great game that's based on the classic board game Boggle. The main difference is there is a specific set of words that need to be found in each grid to pass the level. Once the letters are used, they are removed from the grid. If you need help with this awesome game, you're in the right spot, WordBrain Cheats is here for you. Just use the buttons on the page to find the level pack that you need help with and then click on the thumbnail of the specific level to find the answers.